Armour, bronze, 175x42x36 cm, unique, 2017

armour, bronze, 2017

Spring is in the air, bronze, 25cmx27cmx15cm, unique

Seaside sculptor, bronze, 32x29x25 cm, unique, 2018

Borne, bronze, 29x6x6 cm, unique, 2018

l’écoulement, bronze and oxydized silver leaf, 23x14x20 cm, unique

Pauline, bronze, 2015 photo by Steve Murez

The road before us (detail) , bronze, 27cmx15cmx15cm, unique

la foule, plaster, 86x45x45cm, 2014

sculpture composition, 2014

To seek and find, bronze with ceramic vase, 31cm x8cm x5cm, unique, 2018

Kristina, plaster figure with bronze chair, 1/8, 2015

Francis and Alex, plaster figures with bronze chairs, 2001 (photo © Tobias Staebler)

the young couple, plaster, height 32cm, 2014

Florence, plaster, 83cm height, 2014 (photo © Enguerran Ouvray)

Walking Man, plaster, 45cm height, 2005 (photo © Enguerran Ouvray)

La Marianne, plaster, 80cm height, 2004

Marianne, plaster, 80cm height, 2006, photograph by Benjamine pierce

The Champions, sculpture composition, 2006

Annie en ville bronze, 31cm height, 2006

Lady moons, plaster figure and wall piece, plaster and oil paint, 90x100cm, 2006, photograph by Tobias Staebler

The catcher, detail, oil paint and plaster, 2005

The Catcher bronze, 41cm height, 2006

Christoph, bronze, 50cm height, 2005

vase under vase, sculpture composition, 2006

Jean H, plaster, 22cm height, 2004

sculpture composition, 2010

Musa, plaster, 42cm height, 2005

“Inside the garden” , sculpture composition, exhibition photo from “Outside the Garden “, Galerie Pangee, Montreal, 2008

Richard, plaster, 60 cm height, 2004

Clarice, plaster, 65cm height, 2005

sculpture composition, 2005