The road before us (detail) , bronze, 27cmx15cmx15cm, unique

Spring is in the air, bronze, 25cmx27cmx15cm, unique

To seek and find, bronze with ceramic vase, 31cm x8cm x5cm, unique, 2018

detail from Seaside sculptor, bronze, 32x29x25 cm, unique, 2018

Seaside sculptor, bronze, 32x29x25 cm, unique, 2018

Borne, bronze, 29x6x6 cm, unique, 2018

J last spring, oil on plaster, 35×30 cm, 2018

With Blue, oil on plaster, 35x33cm

Pauline, bronze, 2015 photo by Steve Murez

Armour, bronze, 175x42x36 cm, unique, 2017

le visiteur, oil on plaster, 65x86cm, 2016

i must be you, oil on plaster, 27x80cm, 2016

armour, bronze, 2017

Jack, oil on plaster, 20x25cm, 2015

living frame, oil on canvas with plaster frame 85x100cm, 2016

late sun lays bare, oil on plaster, 16x24cm, 2015

Sophie, oil on plaster, 35x27cm, 2015

La mélodie du bonheur, oil on sculpted plaster, 75x123cm, 2016

Kristinas, sculpture composition, bronze and plaster with bronze chair, 2016

sans titre, oil on plaster, 55x48cm, 2014

Molly, oil on canvas with plaster frame, 27x35cm, 2015

Alexander, oil on canvas with mixed media frame, 24×33 cm, 2015

man of letters, oil on plaster, 85×100 cm, 2015

green A, oil on canvas, 27x35cm, 2015